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Robert J Wattenhofer

On Dec 16,2008 Dr Schaap replaced both of my knees. By doing this I got a new life again. I was walking within 2 days of my surgery. Dr Schaap to me is like the pilot that put the plane into the Hudson River. He gave alot of people a second chance. She had previously done surgery on my shoulder,which also turned out great. Thank you Dr Schaap. Bob

S. Linda Kulzer, OSB

My siblings (Dorine Fuchs and Virgil Kulzer) and I have had wonderful experiences of Dr. Schaap's skill and care. She did a double knee replacement for me on Feb. 10, 2009. I still marvel at what a beneficial difference that has made in my life. Gratefully, Linda Kulzer, OSB

Debbie Weiand

Dr. Schaap replaced my right knee in 2010 and my left knee in February 2014 it was the best thing I ever did. She is an excellent doctor who cares about her patients. My quality of life has in proved greatly. I recommend Dr Schaap for anybody who is considering a knee replacement. Thank you very much Dr. Schaap

Kathy Zavala

I had total knee replacement late April 2011. It is 3 mos. later and I'm not thinking about my knees or accommodating the pre-replacement pain, swelling, "slipping"! I feel strong and am resuming activities I haven't been able to do for years!